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Well hello, I havnt posted in here in forever, well 2nite i went to coach norris' daughters wedding w/ tanner and his familia, things have been pretty good this summer, i have wonderful friends in which i love very much, and tanner is pretty great himself, i probably wont post for another 5 million years, but i got bored and felt the need to clue you in on my life, last nite we went to pullman and say charlie and the choc. fact. and a million and a half ppl went, then we wzalked outside and tanner logan jad and kyle just happend to be outside pullman watch this bad which all the members came from vinson, soo we stayed and listen for a lil bit and they were really good, then me n ash went back to tanners w/ jad logan kyle and tanner, while they swimmed, it was real exciting, soo i just got back from tanners and im just chillliinnnnn on here, welllpp thats all for now so i guess ima go now...

I love YOU!.

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