lillian_1 (lillian_1) wrote,

1. First best friend: zack duty
2. First car: my 2003 stratus

3. First real kiss: hmm dont remember 4. First break-up: Adam fuller
5. First screen name: Lindsbabe haha
6. First self-purchased album: hanson
7. First funeral: great grandpaw
8. First pets: REBBIE       9. First piercing: Ears.
10. First credit card: dont have oneeee

12. First enemy: real enemy .. muahahhahaha SHE CAN BURN IN HELL
13. First big trip: Florida

1. Last cigarette: ew i hate cigarettes.. can we say TRASHY
2. Last car ride: home from tan-mans
3. Last kiss: Tanner :o)
4. Last good cry: im sure a fight w. tanner
5. Last library book checked out: lovely bones
6. Last movie seen in theatres: saw bad news bears tonite.
7. Last beverage drank: water
8. Last food consumed:Pizza rolls

9. Last crush: tan
10. Last phone call: ash

11. Last time showered: today

12. Last shoes worn: brown sandals.
13. Last item bought: gas
14. Last annoyance: tv
15. Last time wanting to die: hanvt gone through that.
16. Last time scolded: today haha
17. Who is your best friend? oh gawsh, well lets see, Ashley, Heather, Nikki, I Cud go on for everrrr

18. Do you have a boyfriend? I sure do.

1. Where is your favorite place to shop?  hollister,abercrombie

2. Any tattoos or piercing? Ears, Belly, adn im gettin a tattoo on senrio tripppp.

1. Do you do drugs? No.
2. What kind of shampoo do you use? Dove
3. What are you most scared of? losing loved ones
4. What are you listening to right now? Fresh prince
5. Where do you want to get married? church or beach
6. How many buddies are online? 26

7. What would you change about yourself? my stomach and laziness

1. Color:i always come back to pink

2. Food: ham sandwiches lol

3. Girls names: Anastasia
4. Boys Names: havnt made ne, i dont wnat a boy
5. Subjects in school: english
6. Animals: dogs

7. Sports: To do: cheerleading
1. Given anyone a bath? hmmmm haha

2. Smoked? blah
3. Bungee jumped? No.
4. Made yourself throw up? no]

5. Skinny-dipped? yes.
6. Been in love? yes
7. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? Yes

8. Cried when someone died? Yes.
9. Lied? Yes.
10. Fallen for your best guy friend? no
11. Been rejected? Yes.
12. Rejected someone? Yes.
13. Used someone? No.
14. Done something you regret? nope

1. Clothes? hollister sweats and tee

2. Jewelry? belly ring

3. Music? Fresh Prince Theme song

4. Make-up? smudged makeup.
5. Annoyance? my eyes are burning

6. Smell? pizza rolls
7. Favorite Artist? music artist , or real artist?
8. Desktop Picture? i uno

9. Book you're reading? not reading one

3. Love is: something that lasts forever

4. I dream about: cheating.
5. What do you notice first: looks, height

6. Last person you danced with: ashley, heather.
7. Worst question to ask: i uno

8. Who makes you laugh the most? ashley and heather9. \

Who makes you smile? tan
10. CD in player? lindseys greatest hits, (ashley made it) haha

11. DVD in player? no clue

12. Color of toenails? Pink
13. Color of nails? Pink
1. You touched? Tanner

2. Hugged?Tanner
3. You instant messaged? Sar

4. You kissed? Tan lol

1. Kill? hmmm wudnt u like to know, stupid bitch

3. Drink with? tanner

4. Look like? whoever
5. Talk to offline? friends/tanner
6. Talk to online? friends/tanner
7. Hang out with? My friends/tanner

1. In the morning I am: Asleep.
2. All I need is: Friends Family and TANNER
3. Love is: Wonderful.
4. I dream about: cheating
5. What do you notice first: looks height
6. Last person you danced with: tan
7. Worst question to ask: Ugh, I don't know.
8. Who makes you laugh the most? My friends. tanner
9. Who makes you smile? tan :)
11. Who do you have a crush on: tan

12. Who has a crush on you: i hope tan haha
1. Coke or Pepsi: Pep

2. Flowers or candy: flowers
3. Tall or short: Tall.
4. Liquor or beer: liquor

1. Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone to instant message you:no cus i know when hes in bed and when hes not in bed.
2. Save conversations: nope

3. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: kinda so their wudnt be so much damn bitch drama

4. Wish you were younger: nope
5. Cry because someone said something to you: Yes.

1. Of times I have had my heart broken: once, but ive got bigger and better things now.

2. Of hearts I have broken: not sure
3. Of guys I've kissed: hmm
4. Of girls I've kissed: we wont get into that
5. Of continents I have lived on: One.
6. Of tight friends: a few
7. Of CDs I own: alot

8. Of scars on body: few

Name: Lindsey

Single or taken:taken
Sex: girl
Birthday: May 31
Sign: gemini
Hair color: well got it died today, pretty much black.
Eye color: green.
Height: 5' 5"
Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Straight.

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