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+Yeah well i haven't posted in a while, im sittin here bored, just finished eatin a push up, our friends had a party 2nite @ Taylors ,but i didnt find out until just now @ 1 soo i didnt wanna go, plus the guys are staying.

+I'm pretty bored and hungry... I have practice tomorrow in hurricane, that sucks.

+Tanner and I went to the movies to see the 40 year old Virgin @ 4 it was really funny, then we went to his house and I slept FOREVERRRRR i slept from like 6 til 12:30, I am like completely dead when i go over there for sum odd reason.

+Yesterday laken had meet the Bisons and tanner went w/ me, it was cute, and VERY hottttttt, then we went out to eat w/ my family which i enjoyed VERY much bc i havnt spent time w/ nikki in a while so it waas fun, my grandmaw went back to Florida today and im sad. i didnt get to tell her goodbye.

+Well thats enough about my life. Comment and tell me about Yours.


+I Love You Tanner. Muahhhhh... <3 linds

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